Kennedy & MacKenzie -
A Special Friendship

A few months after Kennedy was born, a nurse at the Children's Hospital where she spent the first few months of her life informed us that there was a new baby with CHARGE in one of the other units. She said that she would like us to meet the other family when they were ready. We were excited to meet the other family a while after that; little did we know from that first meeting at the hospital, two great friendships would be forged: one between the two mothers, and one between the two daughters.

Since that time, we have exchanged visits in the summer, over the holidays in December, and whenever Kennedy has appointments down at the Children's Hospital or at the regional centre for students with visual and/or hearing impairments. It has been wonderful to watch these two little girls grow up together; they have a great time whenever they visit. Here is a pictorial-montage of their friendship over the past nine years...

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